Have you ever wondered about what comes after this life? Have you thought about what happens to our loved ones that have passed? Can we reconnect with people after they die?

My friend Araina has some of those answers. Araina is a spirit medium. A very gifted one at that. We have known each other for over twenty years, and she is truly a beautiful soul. After receiving a reading that was startlingly accurate and filled with details that she had no way of knowing, I asked her if I could interview her.

Here are ten questions from our interview. A couple of the questions are from some of my readers.

What exactly is a spirit medium?

A spirit medium is a medium or a soul that can connect with another soul across the veil through transitioning the mind to a higher vibration.

When did you know you had this ability? Did it frighten you?

I realized I had this ability in March of 2020. I went into a tattoo shop to get my second tattoo and I unknowingly saw my very first spirit. Yes, it frightened me only because it came on so suddenly.

Do you physically see spirits? Do you hear them?

Yes, I have physically seen spirits, more often I can see them in my third eye standing next to their loved one.

What are spirit guides?

Each soul is assigned spirit guides at birth, this is a soul that has once lived on the early plane and inhabited a body. These guides are here to help the soul achieve the highest level of evolution.

What comes after this life?

The souls journey never ends. Many spirits choose to reincarnate to the next life to continue learning lessons. Transitioning to the sprit world is simply going home. When we arrive we can either choose to stay and learn or experience life again.

Do we have physical bodies in the next life?

We do not have physical bodies in the spirit world. We are conscious when we cross over. If there is a need or a want for a body we can accomplish this by thought.

What is spirit drawing?

A spirit drawing is a drawing that captures the soul and the features of the transitioned spirit. Often these spirits will come through and ask to be drawn.

When you are doing readings, how do you connect with specific loved ones?

When I am reading I ask for that loved one by name, my guide then creates a channel of light allowing the messages to flow across that channel from the spirit world to me. As soon as you think of your loved one they are there, this makes my job so much easier.

Are demons real? If so, how do you protect yourself?

Yes demons are real and they exist in large capacity but only if we give them the light. They can enter the earthly vibration through fear. Fallen angels remain on earth and to speak of them is to give them energy. The only protection needed is love. If you have love in your heart then you have light also.

How do you deal with/what do you say to skeptics?

I used to feel the need to convince a skeptic that what I do is real but I don’t anymore. If I meet with an abrasive energy I ask my guides for healing for their mind. My service to spirit is just that- service to spirit. All I have to do is begin to read and that skeptic is no longer a skeptic.

Bonus question from a reader: Do you do past life readings?

I am not currently giving past life readings but it is something I look forward to in the future.

My Experience

After my mother passed in February, I reached out to Araina for a reading. Grief had taken ahold of me, and I just wanted to know my mother felt loved and that she didn’t pass alone, we were right by her bedside. Araina was able to confirm that. My mom came through with details that only I would know. Details like the clothes we picked out for her, the color of the flowers at her funeral, and other details about our family dynamics. It was a turning point in my grieving.

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