Bollywood star Aamir Khan’s daughter, Ira Khan, is gearing up for her much-anticipated Marathi-style wedding with Nupur Shikhare, set to take place on January 10, 2024. The couple officially sealed their commitment on January 3, 2024, in an intimate ceremony surrounded by close friends and family. Now, the lovebirds find themselves in the enchanting city of Udaipur, where they are ready to embark on the next chapter of their journey with a grand traditional celebration.
As the pre-wedding festivities kick-off, a sneak peek into Ira and Nupur’s sangeet ceremony has captivated hearts.A video capturing the couple’s royal entry has surfaced, showcasing a magical moment. The couple, hand in hand, radiates joy and love as they grace the venue with their presence.

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For this special occasion, Ira Khan wore a regal royal blue lehenga adorned with intricate silver embroidery, creating an ethereal aura around her. Complementing the lehenga, she paired it with a matching choli, adding a touch of drama with a captivating red-hued hooded cloak. Ira has been known for unconventional fashion choices for all her ceremonies, and her sangeet look with the red cloak is another beautiful page from her stylebook.

Further, with her wavy curls cascading down, Ira opted for glamorous makeup that accentuated her natural beauty. Bold red lips, exquisite jewelry, and a radiant bridal glow completed her enchanting look.
Nupur Shikhare, standing by her side, exuded charm in a suave brown-hued coat paired with black pants. The couple’s royal entrance left onlookers in awe, and the resounding cheers from the guests echoed the joyous atmosphere.

Ira Khan and Nupur Shikhare’s sangeet ceremony sets the stage for a celebration that promises to be nothing short of spectacular. The fusion of tradition, glamour, and genuine love is evident in every detail, marking this event as a cherished memory in the making.

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