As all the BTS members fulfil their military service obligations one by one, the absence of J-Hope, known affectionately as the group’s ‘sunshine’, has been keenly felt by ARMY around the world. However, in a heartwarming turn of events, J-Hope recently brought the much-needed warmth of his presence back into the lives of fans with an unexpected and joyous homecoming surprise.

J-Hope joined the military on April 18, following BTS’s eldest member, Jin. Over the past eight months, he has diligently fulfilled his military duties while extending a warm welcome to each of his fellow members as they embarked on their own service journeys.
On December 22, J-Hope, true to his nickname, brightened the holiday season for ARMY by sharing a series of new selfies on his Instagram account, where he has been representing Louis Vuitton. The photos not only showcased his signature cheerful demeanour but also featured glimpses of the delectable dishes he has been savouring during his time away.

J-Hope’s winter-themed snapshots exuded warmth and coziness, providing a delightful visual treat for fans who have missed him dearly. The festive images, coupled with his infectious smile, served as a virtual Christmas present, bringing comfort and joy to ARMY during the holiday season.

As soon as J-Hope’s Instagram update went live, the phrase ‘HOBI CAME HOME’ swiftly trended on X (formerly Twitter), reflecting the overwhelming excitement and happiness among fans. The unexpected reunion, even if only through digital means, allowed ARMY to relish in the presence of their beloved J-Hope once more, proving that the bond between BTS and their fanbase remains unbroken, even during military service.

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