Looks like there is no stopping Jawan, even after months of its release. The latest country to reel in its glory is Nigeria, where the movie released on OTT and instantly became a sensation. Eager fans took to X to shower love on SRK and said that the movie was too ‘Nigerian’ for India.

One fan wrote, “Looks like #Jawan Hysteria has taken over Nigerian People.

It is a film where A man is driven by a personal vendetta to rectify the wrongs in society. It is also the Highest Grossing Indian Movie of 2023.”

Another fan said, “You mean you have a Netflix account and you haven’t watched JAWAN, what are you waiting for.” Another wrote, “Jawan is that movie, too Nigerian for an Indian story.” Many tweeted that they ‘cried like they never cried before’ after watching the movie. Even the film’s long runtime did not deter the Nigerian fans. Entertainment journalist Oge wrote, “Honestly didn’t think I had the capacity to sit through a 3 hour movie at a stretch without the constraints of a cinema hall anymore. #Jawan showed me that I actually could. Atlee did a thing.”

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Earlier, on SRK’s birthday, the actor treated his fans with a return gift and it is the extended version of ‘Jawan’ on Netflix. Yes, you read that right! For the official announcement, the OTT giant dropped a new promotional clip featuring Shah Rukh.
The scene opens with Shah Rukh Khan in his Jawan character, dialing a number and making a call to Netflix. He assertively requests the release of “Jawan” on Netflix, humorously warning, “Or else, your ‘Tudum’ might just turn into ‘budum.'” As the video unfolds, his girl gang also makes an appearance alongside him.

After a playful exchange between Shah Rukh and the voice on the call, which includes a reference to Mannat, the actor successfully convinces Netflix to release “Jawan” on the platform ahead of schedule. He enthusiastically declares, “A special birthday gift for all of you! Enjoy watching ‘Jawan’ now streaming on Netflix.” Furthermore, he mentions that the extended version of the film is available in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.
Meanwhile, on the work front, fans are also expecting the makers of the actor’s upcoming film, ‘Dunki’ to release its teaser on this special day. The film will hit the theatres on December 22, 2023.

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