Jennifer Lopez reflects on the impact of media attention on her relationship with Ben Affleck in a recent interview. The couple, famously known as “Bennifer,” faced intense scrutiny from the press during their initial relationship in the early 2000s. Lopez shared that they now have a sense of “PTSD” due to the media coverage they received back then.

Despite the challenges they faced, Lopez emphasized that they are currently in a healthier phase of their lives. Having rekindled their romance and getting married in 2022, she mentioned that they have matured and gained wisdom over the years. The couple is less concerned about public opinion and more focused on staying true to themselves.
Lopez also revealed that her upcoming album, “This Is Me… Now,” and its accompanying film, co-written by Ben Affleck, will provide further insight into their relationship. She acknowledged that as artists, they sometimes have to follow their hearts and make decisions that may not receive unanimous support.

In a previous revelation, Lopez expressed her feelings about not having won an Oscar, Grammy, or Emmy at this point in her iconic career.

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