Popular actor Joo Ji Hoon might be making a charming return to our TV screens with a romantic comedy series called ‘Love on a Single Log Bridge‘. Allkpop has reported that the actor is un talks to take on the role of the main guy in this upcoming tvN drama.
The show, created by renowned writer Lim Ye Jin and directed by Park Joon Hwa, is expected to bring back the warm fuzzies with its love-filled storyline. Titled ‘Love on a Single Log Bridge,’ the series narrates the tale of two people who were deeply in love during school but got separated tragically. After nearly 15 years, their paths cross once again, rekindling emotions of the past.
Joo Ji Hoon is considering to take on the role of Seok Ji Won, the big shot executive director of Seokdong Construction. In his youth, he was head over heels in love with his classmate, Yoon Ji Won. Unfortunately, their love story takes a wrong turn due to a serious misunderstanding. Time rolls on, and they once again come face to face when he becomes the chairman of Dokmok High School.
The buzz around this project is heightened because it marks Joo Ji Hoon’s comeback to romantic drama after nearly two decades. The actor expressed his eagerness to dive into a romantic role during an interview last year, mentioning that his last romantic drama was MBC’s ‘Princess Hours’ back in 2006.

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