The BTS maknae line, Jimin and Jungkook, is seamlessly adapting to military life as they recently showcased their camaraderie and confidence in new photos released from their basic training at the ROK Army’s 5th Infantry Division in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province.

The images captured the recruits, including the beloved BTS members, proudly posing after completing their CBR (Chemical, Bacteriological, or Radiological) training.

In the snapshots, Jimin retained his signature youthful appearance, earning adoration from fans for his cute ‘baby face’. On the other hand, Jungkook stood out not only for his military uniform but also for his commanding pose, perching his arms on his fellow soldiers as if he were already a seasoned captain rather than a newly enlisted recruit.
Fans flooded social media with comments expressing their delight at the recent photos. Observing Jungkook’s confident pose, one fan humorously remarked, “Just by Jungkook’s pose, you can tell that he’s fitting right in kekekeke”. Another playfully questioned Jungkook’s rank, saying, “Jimin’s baby face is so cute. Jungkook, are you a sergeant already kekekeke”.
The focus on Jimin’s youthful appearance prompted another fan to comment, “Why is Jimin the only one with milky baby skin kekekeke”. Concern for Jungkook’s interactions with his fellow soldiers was expressed in a comment that read, “Hope Jungkook is getting along with his other friend who lent him his shoulder!”
The playful banter continued with remarks like, “Jimin looks like he could be a middle schooler”, and a lighthearted observation, “I spot a baby chick”. Fans couldn’t help but notice Jungkook’s seamless integration into military life, with one stating, “Jungkook lookin like he’s a soldier by profession kekekeke”.
Amidst the excitement, a sense of relief and joy was shared among fans, as indicated by the comment, “I’m relieved I finally got to see their faces!” The comments collectively reflect the fans’ affectionate and supportive stance towards Jimin and Jungkook as they navigate their military service.

The images offer a reassuring look into the lives of Jimin and Jungkook as they undergo this mandatory phase of their careers, emphasizing their resilience, unity, and ability to adapt to the challenges of military training. As the BTS members continue their military service, these glimpses provide fans with a positive outlook on their well-being and camaraderie during this transformative period.

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