BTS’s Jungkook found himself back in the spotlight after a recent confession about his unconventional live broadcast habits. While it’s not the first time the beloved idol has dozed off during a live stream, the world took notice four months ago due to a unique perspective – a point of view (POV) angle from his bed.
Even late-night host and comedian Jimmy Fallon was clued into the phenomenon, mentioning it during Jungkook’s guest appearance on ‘The Tonight Show Starring JimmyFallon’.Jimmy humorously remarked, “You go on this livestream sometimes. It’s calledWeverse.”
Listing the various activities Jungkook has engaged in during his Weverse Lives, Jimmy shared his personal favourite, the time Jungkook fell asleep. He chuckled as he recounted, “Sometimes, you do karaoke. Sometimes, you’re cooking. But this thing that made me laugh… This is my favourite thing you did. You fell asleep”.


Jimmy Fallon couldn’t help but be amazed by the sheer number of ARMYs who tuned in to watch Jungkook take a nap. He exclaimed, “And you fell asleep and slept for 45 minutes. Everyone, 6 million people, tuned in to watch you sleep”.
Intrigued by the concept, Jimmy asked Jungkook about the experience, wondering if he was feeling sleepy from the start. Jungkook explained why he thought ARMYs enjoyed it, but he also confessed to feeling a bit embarrassed, saying, “I think my fans, ARMY, like it because it was something very unexpected. But, actually, it’s a little embarrassing.”
Jimmy, never one to miss a chance for humour, expressed his own interest in livestreaming his sleep. However, he acknowledged a potential hurdle, saying, “I want to do this too. I think it’s so funny! I think it’s great. I’m going to try this and see how many people tune in to watch me sleep. But I snore, so it’s going to be rough”.
To this, Jungkook offered his support, assuring Jimmy he would be a viewer. The exchange culminated with an invitation from Weverse to Jimmy Fallon, extending the possibility of the late-night host joining the platform, opening new avenues for entertaining and unique live content.

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