Justin Timberlake put on his best smile as he made his highly anticipated public appearance on the Trolls 2 red carpet, his first since Britney Spears’ bombshell revelations in her memoir.
Accompanied by his wife, Jessica Biel, and his *NSYNC bandmates, the actor and singer hit the carpet and posed for photos. Timberlake and Biel put up a united front, amid the recent controversy and rumours about Britney’s shocking revelations, putting strain on their marriage.

The power couple walked the red carpet hand-in-hand and smiled and joked, capturing the attention of onlookers and photographers.Notably, Timberlake’s former *NSYNC bandmates also came out in full force to stand by his side. Their joint appearance prompted rumours that the band’s reunion is still on the cards despite the backlash Justin received following allegations made by Spears in her memoir.

Britney’s memoir unveiled a series of revelations about her tumultuous relationship with Timberlake, including allegations of an abortion during their relationship and claims of infidelity. The public response was swift, with social media buzzing with commentary and criticism directed at the singer. Justin chose to maintain a low profile in the aftermath, refraining from directly addressing the allegations.

According to reports, the appearance of *NSYNC members at the premiere was a last-minute decision.

This is also Timberlake’s first film release after the SAG-AMFAR strike. It remains to be seen how this public appearance will impact the ongoing narrative surrounding the actor and singer and if it will boost or affect his box office business.

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