Kangana Ranaut recently revealed that her father did not endorse her decision to abandon her studies and relocate to Delhi to pursue a career in showbiz. Kangana mentioned that despite her father’s desire for her to pursue higher studies and sending her to Chandigarh, she made the decision to relinquish it all.
In an interview with Manoj Muntashir, Kangana shared that her father, who initially encouraged her to have ambitious dreams, faced challenges when her aspirations grew too large.When she expressed her desire to pursue something different, like theater, and not continue her studies, her father responded by emphasizing the challenges of breaking societal norms. He mentioned that as a normal person living in society, if she chose that path, they would have to part ways. He acknowledged his role as her guide based on what he knew, being her father and guardian, but venturing into theater in Bombay and Delhi without pursuing studies was beyond his understanding.

Elaborating further, Kangana shared that when she decided to pursue a career in showbiz against her father’s wishes, he made it clear that he would no longer take responsibility for her and wouldn’t act as her guardian. Reflecting on her father’s stance, Kangana acknowledged him as her true hero, highlighting the valuable life lessons he imparted about the world. She added that taking charge of her own destiny was a pivotal moment, and she firmly believes that without that decision, she wouldn’t have achieved her current success.

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Reflecting on the incident, Kangana went on to reveal that while she speaks of it in a calm manner, her father expressed his disapproval with anger. She described his words as reminiscent of how Rajput families might say, ‘fetch my rifle, I’ll shoot her.’ Kangana clarified she was using civil language to convey this sentiment. She acknowledged the persisting patriarchal nature of society and explained that, despite her family members being well-educated, they held traditional beliefs. According to these beliefs, women should not exceed certain boundaries or ‘Laxman rekha,’ and crossing that line might be met with severe consequences, symbolized by the rifle reference.

Kangana also shared that her father was initially bewildered by her success as he hadn’t anticipated it. The unexpected achievements, such as winning national awards, took him by surprise, considering he had doubts about the unconventional path she chose. Despite the initial confusion, Kangana mentioned that her father has now grown genuinely proud of her accomplishments.

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