Kareena Kapoor Khan dons many hats – she is a wife, mother and an actor for all seasons. Currently enjoying a relaxed phase of her life, where she is seen doing selected work, the actor recently revealed that she is having a lot of fun on the way, which is extremely important too.

At the Express Adda in Mumbai, Kareena said that being in the 40s is just the best part.

She added that personally, she feels a lot more relaxed, and after having her children, she thinks she is having a lot more fun than she did earlier. She added that it’s so important to have fun because that’s what keeps you going, that’s what keeps you happy and that longevity, everything is so important. She added that it’s all about just having fun, rather than constantly thinking that she should look like this or she should do this.She also reflected on her career post marriage and said that everyone said if you get married, your career will be over. She admits that she was madly in love and was like, it’s fine if producers and directors don’t take her if she get married, it’s their loss. It was so weird.

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She further added that she couldn’t believe it but thought, okay, let’s see what happens. And she just did it. She added that it led to people having a lot of confidence in her and. She further cited the example of her mother-in-law because she did such amazing movies like Daag and Waqt after Saif was born. She told Kareena, ‘challenge yourself, challenge them (producers), and it will happen’. And she did get some amazing work after she got married. She further added that two children down, her plate is full and she is doing some amazing stuff and that it has given a lot of girls confidence. Earlier, people wouldn’t even talk about their relationships openly, she added.

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