Actress Lee Da-in bid an emotional farewell to her character Eun-ae as she wrapped up the final filming for the Friday-Saturday drama ‘My Dearest‘. On November 17, she shared a heartwarming photo, dressed in hanbok, standing beside a cake that marked the conclusion of her journey in the series.
In a touching caption accompanying the post, Lee Da-in expressed the bittersweet emotions of parting with her character, writing, “After finishing the last shoot, Eunae is leaving.Goodbye, Yeoin… It’s sad to send it off!!”
Lee Da-in played the compelling role of Gyeong Eun-ae, a strong-willed woman in the Joseon era and a close friend of the protagonist, Yoo Gil-chae, portrayed by another acclaimed actress Ahn Eun-jin. The drama has been gaining attention for its engaging storyline and has secured the top spot in viewership ratings, solidifying Lee Da-in’s successful return to the small screen after a three-year hiatus.
Beyond her professional achievements, Lee Da-in, who tied the knot with actor Lee Seung-gi in April, recently announced her pregnancy. A statement from her agency read, “It is with immense joy that we bring this exciting news of the commencement of a new journey for Lee Da In into motherhood. She is gratefully embracing this new phase of life that is set to blossom in February next year. The actress is primarily concentrating on her health and well-being at this blessed phase. We plead for your continuous warmth and affection towards Lee Da-in and her upcoming bundle of happiness”

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