The holiday season ushered in Bollywood’s elite, celebrating Christmas with flair and fervor. Malaika Arora orchestrated an intimate evening party, adorning her home in festive grandeur, captured in delightful glimpses shared on social media.

Embraced in sophisticated dark green velvet attire, Malaika radiated charm, joined by Arjun Kapoor and her son, Arhaan Khan, alongside Sohail Khan’s son, Nirvaan Khan.

The gathering exuded warmth, encapsulating the holiday spirit in stunning photographs.The festive table was beautifully arranged, adorned with a delectable spread that included mesmerizing treats and a delightful Christmas cake.

Malaika Arora, Dino Morea, Marc Robinson attend midnight mass at Bandra’s St. Andrew’s Church

Malaika delighted her followers with candid moments, capturing her and Arhaan indulging in the sumptuous feast. The duo shared a playful pose, with Arhaan sporting a whimsical, long-pointed Santa hat, adding to the joyous ambiance.
Meanwhile, Ananya Panday played host to a delightful luncheon, graced by the presence of Suhana Khan. Their celebration radiated infectious joy as the two stars shared laughter and warmth, painting a picture of festive camaraderie.
Check out the picture here.


(Picture Courtesy: Facebook)

Not to be outdone, Khushi Kapoor crafted her festive soirée, adding to the mosaic of Bollywood’s Christmas celebrations.

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