Her recent and forthcoming projects gave Manisha Koirala an opportunity to work with some young talents in Bollywood. Having shared screen space with them, the 1942: A Love Story actress feels that most of them come with a sense of commitment and professionalism. She shares, “I have enjoyed working with the younger lot of actors. I would say at least 80 per cent of the young generation are dedicated, professional and focused. I really admire their level of commitment. All of them are very well-behaved, and nobody throws any tantrums. I love being in such a work environment. However, there’s this 20 per cent from that generation who are not really up to the mark. They have the gift of gab, but work ethics is slightly… (smiles).”
In this phase of her career, Manisha wants to go slow with her work, so that she can enjoy her other passions too. The actress spends a lot of time at her home in Kathmandu and also heads out for treks with her gang of girls. Ask her if she shared any life lessons with the young breed while working with them, and she says, “Everyone’s journey and priorities are different. I have never listened to any updesh from anyone – whether good or bad. So, I am the last person to give free advice to anybody. Let them decide for themselves.”

Talking about her journey in the industry, she says, “I have always been independent. Most of my friends come from non-filmi backgrounds, and I don’t discuss my work with them. Over three decades, I have worked on around 100 films. I have also faced a near-death experience with cancer. It gave me a different perspective on life, which I wanted to lead in a different way. But there are many people who are happy working constantly, doing one project after another, and I salute them for it.”

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