After receiving nationwide outrage for Adipurush, writer Manoj Muntashir Shukla had apologised to people for hurting their religious sentiments with his controversial dialogues of the much-talked-about Om Raut directorial starring Prabhas, Kriti Sanon and Saif Ali Khan. He is now waiting for another chance to redeem himself.
In his interview with Aaj Rak, Manojadmitted that he went 100 per cent wrong with Adipurush.He said that he is not an insecure person that he would defend his writing skills saying that he was written well. But there was no bad intention behind that mistake.
Calling it a big mistake, Manoj said that he had absolutely no intention of hurting the religion and causing trouble to Sanatan or to defame Lord Ram or to say something about Hanuman ji which is not there. He said that he has learned a lot from this accident and he will be very careful from now on.

Adipurush Row: Manoj Muntashir finally apologises for cringe-worthy dialogues, here is what he said….

After the release of Adipurush, when people were slamming the film for using pedestrian language like ‘Marega Bete’, ‘Bua Ka Bagicha Hain Kya’ and ‘Jalegi Tere Baap Ki’, Manoj had gone to several news channels to justify the use of slang in dialogues. Now, Manoj admitted that the clarification was another big mistake.

“I feel that when people were furious, I should not have clarified at that time. This was my biggest mistake. I should not have spoken at that time. If people are angry with my clarification, then their anger is justified. Because that was not the time to clarify and today I understand that mistake,” he said.

Manoj further said that a second chance should definitely be given to those people who have proved their capability in the past. He believes that he has done a good job earlier so he definitely deserves a second chance.

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