In a successful week at the box office, the Katrina Kaif and Vijay Sethupathi starrer ‘Merry Christmas‘ concluded with a noteworthy collection of Rs 14.87 crore.
The film that opened with a box office collection of Rs 2.45 crore, saw good growth over the weekend, earning an average of Rs 3 crore on Saturday and Sunday. It saw a big drop in numbers on Monday and the days that followed, earning collections in the Rs 1 crore range.
The movie, added another Rs 1.05 crore to its collections on Thursday, thus taking its overall week 1 total to Rs 14.87 crore, states a report on’s box office occupancy for the Hindi version of ‘Merry Christmas’ was recorded at 9.25%, contributing to the film’s overall performance.
Despite the low numbers, director Sriram Raghavan remains optimistic about his film’s continued success in the upcoming week. He even went as far as saying, “We are expecting the second week to be good.”
Addressing comparisons to his previous hit ‘Andhadhun’ Raghavan drew parallels to the diversity in audience preferences, likening it to his own appreciation for different films such as “Shaan” and “Sholay.”

Raghavan also expressed satisfaction with the positive reviews and growing word-of-mouth for his film. The director told PTI, “I’m getting a good response. Many people have seen it twice, and it has touched them in a manner I didn’t expect.”
Released on January 12, ‘Merry Christmas’ was originally conceptualized as a 90-minute thriller without an interval. However, the narrative transformed during the scripting process into an “emotional love story” centered around two broken individuals.

Merry Christmas | Song – Theliyade Theliyade

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