When Jessica Slice started dating a man named David, there was a lot to like about him. They could nerd out about books and board games. He was thoughtful and kind.

But Jessica had a problem. The more caring David was, the more she recoiled. “He’s the greatest!” She texted her sister. “But I doubt I’ll go out with him again.” This wasn’t the first time she’d felt like fleeing from affection, but something about David made Jessica hesitate. Was she finally ready for a new kind of love?

Modern Love is hosted by Anna Martin and produced by Julia Botero, Christina Djossa, Hans Buetow and Reva Goldberg. The show is edited by Jen Poyant, our executive producer, and Anabel Bacon. The show is mixed by Sophia Lanman and recorded by Maddy Masiello. It features original music by Carole Sabouraud and Pat McCusker. Our theme music is by Dan Powell.

Special thanks to Daniel Jones, Miya Lee, Mahima Chablani, Nell Gallogly, Jeffrey Miranda, Renan Borelli, Nina Lassam and Julia Simon.

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