A video of Nana Patekar has gone viral where he can be seen slapping a fan who came to ask him for a selfie. This happened when the actor was shooting in Lucknow. One also sees a crew member holding the fan from the collar and pulling him away. While it seems that Nana was misbehaving with his fan after getting angry, ETimes brings you the whole truth to this.

The actor is known for his short-temper, however, this time around, it was because the fan came in between a shot.Talking about this incident, senior photographer Pradeep Bandekar says, “Nana does not misbehave with his fans. It is for the first time I have seen something like that and it is only because the fan walked into the shot while he was shooting. I have been on his set but never seen anything like that he has had issues with filmmakers and co-stars which is well known but he will never allow anyone to disturb his work. When he lived in Lokhandwala he would often be seen opening the gates if the watchman went missing.”
Because the fan came in-between the shot, Nana’s instant react was to give him a whack and the production person who was on the set controlling the crowds, thus, pulled him away. Nana can be seen wearing a checkered suit with a hat during this shoot.
Nana has begun shooting for ‘Gadar 2’ director Anil Sharma’s next which also stars Utkarsh Sharma. The actor was last seen in ‘The Vaccine War 2’.

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