Nawazuddin Siddiqui and wife Aaliya’s strained relationship took the spotlight in 2023, with the couple going their separate ways. However, this New Year’s Eve seems to have come with a twist of its own. Aaliya has been living in Dubai with their kids Shora and Yani, and the trio was joined by Nawazuddin to welcome a promising 2024.
“Nawaz and I celebrated New Year for the first time in so many years. We have never really welcomed a New Year together, so this was a good thing. The kids were very happy. Nawaz took us to a beautiful restaurant in Dubai, where we celebrated with the kids. It was a lot of fun. I saw a side of Nawaz that I had never seen in so many years. So I felt really good,” shared Aaliya.
Both the kids are studying in Dubai and the enthusiastic parents have even chalked-out a plan for their 14-year-old daughter. Aaliya reveals, “Shora has a lot of interest in acting and has been participating in theatre as well. We plan to enrol her in a course in London, after which she will go to Los Angeles. I think after one-and-a-half years, we will finally shift her to LA. It’s a good thing that she wants to follow in her father’s footsteps.”
Letting bygones be bygones, the couple has reunited for the betterment of their kids for now. “The past was a very dark time. We had many problems in our lives but now we are in a good phase. Because of the kids, we both surrendered to each other. No matter what happens now, we have decided not to fight and will solve all the problems ourselves. Frankly speaking, none of us wanted to fight, but there were problems because of the circumstances. Now we are only thinking about the kids and will do everything as parents to keep them happy. That’s why we even celebrated the New Year together after many years,” concludes Aaliya.

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