Nawazuddin Siddiqui recently delighted his Instagram followers by sharing a nostalgic video featuring his daughter Shora. The clip captures Shora playfully mimicking one of her school teachers during a friends’ gathering. The video also showcases her carefree time, dancing with her friends.
Siddiqui wrote in the caption, “Is it fair to mimic your teacher in the presence of friends?” The Internet found an uncanny similarity between Shora and Radhika Apte.A user wrote, “Why does she look like Radhika Apte’s younger version?” Another wrote, “Why does Nawazuddin’s daughter look like Radhika Apte though?” One of the comments read, “Radhika Apte was reborn.”.

A few days ago, Nawazuddin wished his daughter Shora a happy birthday with a video. The video shows Shora dancing to music and also includes a few childhood pictures of her and Nawaz. In one of the frames, she can be seen sitting on her father’s lap inside a car. Sharing the video, Nawazuddin wrote, “Happiest Birthday, Shora.”

Meanwhile, Nawazuddin Siddiqui was last seen in Akshat Ajay Sharma’s ‘Haddi’. Speaking to The Times of India, Nawazuddin Siddiqui revealed how Shora reacted to his look in the film and said, “My daughter was very upset when she saw me dressed as a woman. She now knows that it’s for a role and is fine now. I must say this: after this experience, I have huge respect for actresses who do this on a daily basis. Itna saara taam jhaam hota hai. Hair, make-up, kapde, nails… pura sansar leke chalna padta hai. Now I know why an actress may take longer than her male counterpart to get out of her vanity van. It’s absolutely justified. I will have more patience now (laughs)!”

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