Nothing Remains A Soul’s Retreat

Nothing Remains

People assume or are inclined to believe,

Rather than just one, there are many of me.

I’m pulled from both the left and the right,

I’m called upon all day and well into the night.

As much as I’d love to fix all who are broken,

I’ve run out of magical words and secret tokens.

It’s the best I can do to keep myself standing,

But it seems that even that has become too demanding.

In my early years when I was lesser gray,

I’d do all I could for everyone each and every day.

But since that time, my old heart has grown tired,

Each word or deed now must be heavenly inspired.

This old house has now begun to falter,

With creaks and cracks must seek a soulful altar.

Looking for some moment of truth from above,

And waits for an honest comment or word of love.

Yet, in sorrowful conditions that we all must face,

Our inner being feels our body is out of place.

Gone are the coveted sparkles in innocent eyes,

That has taught me that we must all say our goodbyes.

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