Ira Khan, the daughter of Aamir Khan, recently tied the knot with long term beau Nupur Shikhare. The nuptial festivities began with a solemn legal union on January 3, followed by a vibrant celebration in the enchanting city of Udaipur. The joyous union culminated in a resplendent reception in Mumbai, sparking admiration and lively discussions about the magical affair.
And now, the lovebirds have finally left for their honeymoon to Bali – taking to her IG stories, Ira shared some snapshots, where she and Nupur were seen waiting to go through immigration together.Next, she and her husband were enjoying some soft drinks in the flight. Take a look…



A family friend too, shared a selfie with the newlyweds at the airport and wrote, “Look whos here at Mumbai 🛫 It was a fantastic week and had a great time with you all…Good Bye I&N till we meet next time…… have a great time in #bali”

Earlier, Aamir Khan’s sister, Nikhat Hegde, unveiled a collection of unseen and personal moments. These exquisite pictures beautifully capture the essence of familial warmth, affection, jubilation, and unrestrained happiness.

The images portray the family’s close-knit bonds, featuring Aamir Khan, Imran Khan, Reena Datta, Kiran Rao, Azad, Junaid Khan, Pritam Shikhare, and guests joyfully dancing, singing, and reveling in the happiness of the occasion. A particularly striking image showcases the legendary actress Rekha, adding a touch of grace to the celebration.

Viral pic: Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan’s candid moment at Ira Khan-Nupur Shikhare’s wedding

Accompanying the post, Nikhat Hegde captioned, “So many more happy memories from Ira Nupur wedding!!”
Adding to the enchantment, Ira Khan shared a teaser of the wedding on her Instagram profile. The video unfolds with the groom, accompanied by his mother Pritam Shikhare, making his way towards the stage. Subsequently, the bride, escorted by her father Aamir, and mother Reena Datta, gracefully walks down the aisle. The poignant moment captures the father’s emotions, holding back tears as he entrusts his daughter’s hands to her husband.

These glimpses into the intimate and unseen moments of Ira Khan and Nupur Shikhare’s wedding showcase not only the grandeur of the celebration but also the depth of familial bonds and the pure joy radiating from the union.

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