Former Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik‘s recent marriage to Pakistani actress Sana Javed has set social media abuzz with speculation and controversy. It escalated when a statement from Sania Mirza‘s sister Anam Mirza confirmed that Sania and Shoaib had been divorced for a few months now. While the statement did not delve into the specifics of the separation, a newly surfaced video of Shoaib and Sana has left fans questioning their romantic involvement while still in their previous marriages.
The video shows Shoaib and Sana engaging in flirtatious banter on a Pakistani TV show aired in 2021. Netizens have been slamming both Shoaib and Sana for cheating their respective partners, Sania Mirza and Umair Jaswal, and ruining their lives.

Earlier, an old Instagram story revealed a connection between Malik and Sana’s ex-husband Umair Jaswal. In the story, Shoaib had extended warm birthday wishes to Sana Javed and had tagged not only her but also her then-husband.

What! Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik and actress Sana Javed were in a relationship for three years?

This is Shoaib’s third marriage after he took the vows with Ayesha Siddiqui and Indian Tennis star Sania Mirza. Sana and Umar got married in 2020 and were together until their divorce in 2023. After marrying Shoaib, Sana Javed changed her name in the bio on her Instagram account. It now reads ‘Sana Shoaib Malik.’

Recenty, a report from The Pakistani Daily claimed that none of Shoaib’s family members attended the wedding. It further suggested serious concerns from Malik’s sisters regarding his divorce with Sania Mirza, citing the tennis star was tired of ex-husband’s alleged extra-marital affairs.

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