One and Done The King


So I’m here to drop a rhyme

Then you won’t see me again.

Got my notebook in my hand

And I’mma write it with my pen.

Even though it’s one and done

You gonna know that it’s a ten.

Crank the pressure up so high

It’s gonna leave you with the bends.


Write the lyrics down so fast that

I don’t leave myself a breath.

But I can’t go stopping now

While there’s still some !&&?£?@@/ left.

So I’m gonna take my shot and

It’ll lead you to your death.

Then they’ll crown a new king

But he’ll know that he can’t rest.


We got a lyrical assassin

Stalking up the halls.

It’s time to run and hide

Run inside and lock your door.

You gotta know that it’s coming

Pick your spot upon the floor.

I’ll get a raven for your corpse

And it’ll shout out “Nevermore!”


Please don’t ever try to crown me

Cos you know I’ll abdicate.

But if I ever was a king

Then you know I’d be the great.

I’d be curator of this scene

And I’d weed out all the fakes.

But don’t try to change my mind

It’s already too late.


And now it’s time to wrap it up

It’s time for me to go away.

I told you it was one and done

But I know it’s made your day.

I’ve given you my passion

I’ve performed this like a play.

But for now I’m all tapped out

And that’s all I’ve got to say.


I’m not sure at all what possessed me to write a rap, but it was in my head and I was curious to see if I could.

Hope you got some small enjoyment from reading this.

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