Being a celebrity parent is a double edged sword. On one hand, you enjoy unprecedented name, fame and love from millions all across the globe, on the other hand, there is immense pressure to shield your child from the constant scrutiny. Kareena Kapoor Khan, actor and mother to Taimur and Jeh, recently revealed how parenting is indeed stressful in the age of social media, but you have to find ways to work around it.

Talking at the Express Adda, Kareena said that they did not let the constant pressure to cover Taimur’s face get to them, so that was a relief. She said that if they did that (cover his face), it would reflect on his mind a lot more like, ‘why are my parents doing this to me?’, hence Saif said it is fine and they can only request the paps not to click him too much, she added.

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She further revealed her child’s reaction to all this and said that when Taimur started noticing that he’s being photographed when he was four, he asked his parents and they told him that they are actors and he just turned around and asked them, ‘but I’m not famous so why are they clicking my pictures?’.
She said that she had to constantly tell him that, ‘just relax. It’s okay. Yes, you are not famous, but because we are…’ She added that now Taimur just puts his head down and runs off, but he doesn’t like it. However, Kareena believes that hiding him and doing all of that would impact him negatively, may scar him, make him shy, hence they wanted him to have as normal a childhood as possible.

Kareena also said that in times of constant social media presence, it is easy to get swayed, but one must draw the line and say that they will not succumb to peer pressure and do only those things that they are comfortable with.

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