‘Marry My Husband’ is unfolding a storyline that has managed to maintain a strong grip on the audience, weaving a narrative that blends humor, romance, and unexpected twists. In the most recent episode, viewers witnessed a significant turning point as Ji-won, portrayed by the talented Park Min-young, unraveled the true identity of Ji Hyuk, played by Na In Woo, leading to a deepening connection between the characters.
As the plot thickened, Ji-won found herself navigating the complexities of relationships, particularly with her ‘best friend’ Soo-min, portrayed by Song Ha-yoon. Simultaneously, Ji-won struggled to sever ties with her less-than-ideal boyfriend, Min-hwan, brought to life by the charismatic Lee Yi-kyung. In a surprising twist, history repeated itself when Min-hwan, in all his scummy glory, proposed marriage to Ji-won once again.

In Ji-won’s second life, the proposal from Min-hwan took on a grander scale, a stark contrast to the ‘low-budget’ proposal of her first life. The narrative cleverly juxtaposed the two moments, highlighting the evolution in their relationship. This poignant reflection reminded Ji-won of the initial proposal, a comically disastrous scene that has now become a source of hilarity for both characters and viewers alike.
The flashback revealed a less-than-ideal setting for a proposal, with Min-hwan opting for a home setting adorned with sandwich pieces, deflated balloons, and a pair of candles. The pièce de résistance, however, was an A4 paper that posed the question, “Will you merry me”, with a glaring spelling mistake. Despite the embarrassing and disappointing nature of the proposal, Ji-won, portrayed with nuance by Park Min-young, humorously accepted the offer.
The scene, infused with Lee Yi-kyung’s impeccable comedic timing and expression, quickly transcended the screen and ventured into the realm of social media. Viewers began actively sharing images and scenes related to Min-hwan’s memorable proposal, turning it into a viral meme on various platforms. The misspelled words ‘merry’ instead of ‘marry’, coupled with Lee Yi-kyung’s humorous portrayal, sparked uncontrollable laughter among fans.
The uproarious clip even made its way to TikTok, where it garnered almost 3 million views within half a day of being posted. Comments flooded in, with fans expressing their admiration for Lee Yi-kyung’s character, even in his role as an antagonist. The unexpected charm and humor injected into Min-hwan’s character have not only added a delightful layer to the drama but have also turned him into an unexpected fan favorite, proving that even in the realm of romantic comedies, laughter knows no bounds.

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