Pooja Bhatt recently poured her heart out at a book launch where she spoke about her failed marriage, her battle with alcoholism and how she made her comeback into showbiz with ‘Bombay Begums‘.
Spilling some beans on her failed marriage with Manish Makhija, Pooja revealed that she found herself in a marriage that was crumbling. According to her, it wasn’t crumbling because of any painful situation, it was rather boring, neither of them cheated or were interested in it.However, as a woman, she realised that she lost herself in the process while ticking the box that the society has set for her. The actress added that it took her sometime to realise that she is trapped in a marriage that wasn’t working for her. She lost her femininity. She forgot who she was. Pooja also went on to say that Manish was a perfectly wonderful man but there was a loneliness in her soul.

At the same event, she also discussed her battle with alcoholism. Pooja said that she used alcohol as a band aid as she felt trapped and chained. First into being a good wife and then getting her gratification with a bottle.

Pooja Bhatt calls her divorce with Manish Makhija the ‘lowest phase’ of her life; says ‘I drilled myself more into the bad zone’

According to her, she was using her bad relationship and alcohol both to numb the pain. So, she learnt to deal with herself and her anguish and her emptiness and from that something magical emerged. The actress added that she kicked the bottle and it has been seven years since she has been sober.

Pooja also went on to say that her sister Alia Bhatt is very successful because she knows what to share. What to put out there and what not to. However, she has learnt that it’s only when you are authentic and when you are speaking from the heart does it get communicated. The actress added that when she looks back at her life, she is enjoying what they call the fourth season of fame. According to her, there are four seasons in an artiste’s life. First they say he/she has potential, then they say she has arrived, then they say she is over and then they say she is back.

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