Prateik Babbar, currently absent from the silver screen, is capturing attention for his romantic endeavors. The actor has been in a relationship with Priya Banerjee, and their love story is now making headlines. The couple made their romance on Instagram official last year, and recent reports suggest that their commitment has reached a new level, possibly with an engagement ring in the picture.
Recently, the couple was spotted at the Mumbai airport, jetting off to an unknown destination. The duo were spotted walking hand-in-hand at the airport. Prateik looked dapper in a black biker jacket paired with a white tee and black track pants. He completed his look with black glasses and black footwear. On the other hand, Priya Banerjee paired with the actor, who was wearing a black biker jacket teamed with a white bralette. She completed her look in baggy, light blue-coloured denim and black glasses. Interestingly, the netizens caught her wearing a shining rock on her fingers.

In an earlier interview with The Times of India, the actor quipped that he is blessed to have Priya in his life and said, “I have made so many mistakes, but I must have done something right for such a wonderful woman to come into my life.”

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