Even before the release of Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki and Prabhas starrer Salaar, there was a growing tension between distributors and exhibitors regarding the advance bookings of both the films. However, the makers had maintained a stoic silence over the issue. While both Dunki and Salaar managed to rake in moolah at the box office, director Rajkumar Hirani recently admitted that the clash of films invariably affects box office returns.
When asked if both Dunki and Salaar performing well at the box office was a welcome sign for the industry, Hirani explained that from a producer’s perspective, there are a limited amount of theatres in the country and every viewer may not have enough money to watch films back-to-back or on consecutive days.
“There are certain people that make a choice to see one film in a week or even a month. So, I am sure at some level it affects both the films,” Hirani told DNA.

Rajkumar Hirani on working with Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Dunki’ and the ‘debate’ around it’s box-office collections: ‘Paison se zyada film ke content ki honi chahiye’

The filmmaker further said that a clash becomes unavoidable at times and there is no option to that because there are 52 weeks and 200 films made. There would be clashes. Sometimes bigger films would clash and sometimes smaller. All these kind of things will continue happening, Hirani said, adding that there is no escape from that.

While Dunki is all set to cross Rs 200 crore mark in India and inching towards Rs 400 crore mark worldwide, Hirani believes that the box office performance is not the best parameter to judge a film. He said that appreciation to the film is important and that’s why they make films so that people can like it.

He also added that perceptions will differ but no film should go into a loss so that you can make your next film. “Otherwise you get swayed by ‘ok this is not working so let me try something else’. Then you try and go against your instinct, which is a trap. When it does a reasonable number, you are confident for the next time,” Hirani concluded.

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