Rani Mukerji who got a lot of accolades last year for her performance in ‘Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway’ was seen on a round table chat recently. The actress was accompanied by Karan Johar, Sandeep Reddy, Vanga, Taapsee Pannu and many other prestigious people who had the most talked about releases in 2023. During this conversation, Rani made a comment which has sparked a debate on the internet.
During this chat with Galatta Plus, filmmaker Prithvi Konanur made a comment saying that Iranian films are much better than Indian movies as far as ideas go and we must watch those.He said that we are far behind them. Rani reacted to this statement and said that she’s defended by this statement. She added that Indian cinema is the best in the world. She said that if Prithvi wants to watch a film which has come from the roots, he should watch ‘12th Fail‘. She added, “I think it’s a brilliant film made by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and it talks about India. It is India and it shows the struggle of youngsters in India and it’s shown in a brilliant way. I don’t think filmmaking is only about showing things in a certain way. I think when we talk about Indian cinema, it’s an amalgamation of what we all do. In India, we make the most diverse films. Outside India, they don’t have the diversity which India has.”
This video went viral on the internet and sparked a debate. While some agreed to what Rani had to say, some disagreed and even trolled the actress. A user said, “And yet, we have never heard of Indian movies winning international awards like the Oscars or the Palme d’Or despite making classic stuff like Pathaan, Jawaan and Animal.” Another one added, “I won’t necessarily say ‘best films in the World’, but I’ve to agree on the diversity part as there are so many different film industries in India producing all kind of films.”
A user defended Rani and said, “People should go & watch the full interview before barking at Rani here. Prithvi was literally so humiliating towards Karan Johar by calling his work “mushy mushy” & something he doesn’t like. Rani rightly & strongly gave it back to him.”

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