Beyond his acting escapades, Ishaan Khatter has lent his voice for an interesting podcast series. The actor has brought to life the character of Ravan, as a young warrior in the audio series Ravan Rising. The series also explores the dual nature of Ravan and his young character is voiced by Ishaan while Sanjay Dutt takes on narration for his older character.
Speaking about this unique experience, Ishaan shared, “To portray a character like this with his multiple facets through voice alone was fascinating and difficult.I will have to admit it was not easy to showcase the evolution of this character through the voice and do it truthfully. Ravan is a mercurial character. I think the chapters of his story that we are exploring and we are putting the focus on are also the relatively unexplored and relatively untold parts of his life. And the story of him becoming the warrior king that we all know him to be, to be able to do young Ravan was a very new experience.”
Ask him about the prep for the part and he quips, “It’s quite something to portray the emotion. But I think what was even more difficult was to get the evolution of the character and also his growth, as he grows older and grows stronger and grows physically more powerful. I think to bring that across in the 10 episodes was a bit more of a task. In terms of prep, I think the first thing and the foundational thing always to do is to understand the text. So we definitely did a couple of read-throughs, but beyond that, I have to say it was a lot of discovery in the dubbing room. There are some things you can prepare for and there are some things you really can’t. How do you do an epic-scale action sequence with voice alone? That was entirely googly for me. It was so much fun to find that. But it was definitely a challenge of the imagination and as an artist as well, to be able to convey all of that without even the crutch of having dialogue or having anything like that.”
Ishaan also spoke about his exposure to Indian Mythology and what he took home from voicing the character of Ravan. “I have the layman’s exposure to our mythology, but I have grown up listening to the stories. All human emotion has been explored and covered in these stories. It definitely comes with that layer of responsibility. The testament to that was the story of a young Ravan. There was certainly a lot in it that I learnt for the first time as well. He was such an interesting multifaceted character with so many layers to him. There was a thirst for knowledge. He was a devotee. He was a very proficient Veena player. And was dealing with so many things inside. All of what we know the character to be, it was just the sequence of events that made him the warrior king that we know him to be. But he had both Manushya and Rakshas inside him. And that duality makes for a very fascinating character,” concluded Ishaan.

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