In the bustling city of Seoul, actor Lee Dong-wook steps into a new role as a single life influencer, bringing us the story of ‘Single in Seoul.’ This heartwarming movie, directed by Park Beom-soo, centers around two people with different lives and personalities who connect through an essay about single life. As they bond, old memories resurface, revealing past wounds and joys.
Lee Dong-wook plays the character Yeong-ho, an essay instructor who dreams of becoming a writer.He’s also a popular influencer, sharing his daily life on social media. What makes Yeong-ho special is that he finds happiness and fulfillment in living alone, building self-esteem, and being independent. During the press conference, Lee Dong-wook’s friendJo Se-ho, also an SNS celebrity, was playfully brought up, adding humor to the discussion.
The movie is expected to resonate with the audience through the captivating theme of ‘whole nation flirting.’ In particular, Lee Dong-wook, known for his charisma and charm, was teased by his co-star Lee Mi-do, who jokingly asked why he kept flirting with her. Lee Dong-wook responded with a smile, creating a light-hearted atmosphere.
Lee Dong-wook shared his affection for the film, acknowledging the weight of the ‘whole nation flirting’ concept. He expressed his desire to make as many people as possible relate to the story, emphasising the cuteness and lovability of all the characters. He believes that anyone can become a flirting expert, not just in romance but in living life to the fullest.
Host Park Kyung-lim complimented Lee Dong-wook, saying that if “flirting” were a person, it would be him, to which Lee Dong-wook humbly responded, feeling grateful and almost like he had received an early birthday present.
‘Single in Seoul’ is set to hit theaters on November 29th, promising a delightful and heartwarming exploration of the joys of being single and finding happiness in the most unexpected places.

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