The IFFI (Indian International Film Festival) 2023 is set to kick-start in Goa from Monday, November 20. The opening ceremony of the 54th edition of the festival is going to take place at the Shyamaprasad Mukherji stadium in Panjim. This year, the festival has restored Chetan Anand’s movie ‘Haqeeqat‘ and Dev Anand’s ‘Guide‘ which will be showcased at the festival.
The Anand family has been invited by Indian International Film Festival for special screening of Chetan Anand and Dev Anand’s films.Here the restored versions of these movies will be showcased. It maybe recalled here that late Chetan Anand’s son Ketan was shocked to know about the screening of the restored version of fnd film and was upset about the ministry not informing them. Ketan Anand and Vijay Anand’s son Vaibhav will be attending the screening.
Additionally, Debaki kumar Bose’s film Bidyapati who introduced actresses like Kanan Devi and was one of the top filmmakers in pre independence India. His son Debashish Bose will be attending the premiere.
Madhav Vaze, the lead of 1953’s Shyamchi Aai will be attending the premiere of the restored version of the film. The premiere of restored classics will see the attendance of the family and stars of those films at this year’s IFFI.
Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur who has been applauded for the amendment of the cinematograph act and who aims to make India the hub of entertainment will be present along with Goa chief minister Pramod Sawant and minister of state L. Murugan and other foreign dignitaries. Celebs who are set to perform at the opening ceremony include Shahid Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Sara Ali Khan. Sunny Deol will be making his debut at this festival after the success of ‘Gadar 2’.

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