In a week packed with Hollywood buzz, A-listers Robert Downey Jr., Margot Robbie, Tom Cruise, Ariana Grande, and Jason Momoa have dominated headlines, each making waves in their own unique way.
Margot Robbie contemplates break from acting amidst Oscar buzz for Barbie
Margot Robbie, currently riding high on Oscar nomination predictions for her portrayal of Barbie, made headlines by revealing her plans to take a step back from acting.In a candid statement, she expressed concerns about audience fatigue, saying, “I also think everyone’s probably sick of the sight of me for now. I should probably disappear from screens for a while.” Fans drew parallels to Jennifer Lawrence‘s similar decision to step back after Oscar wins and blockbuster successes.Tom Cruise developing ‘Top Gun 3’
Despite a substantial deal with Warner Brothers, Hollywood heavyweight Tom Cruise is reportedly working on ‘Top Gun 3’ with Paramount. The 61-year-old actor, renowned for his roles in ‘Mission: Impossible’ and ‘Top Gun,’ is actively involved in the sequel’s development, with familiar faces like Miles Teller and Glen Powell expected to return. However, fans may have to wait, as Cruise is currently occupied with the upcoming ‘Mission: Impossible’ movie, set for release in May 2025.

Ariana Grande’s unapologetic new single sparks conversations
Pop sensation Ariana Grande has stirred discussions with her latest single, ‘Yes, and?’. The song’s assertive lyrics, addressing criticism over her personal love life has garnered mixed reactions from fans. While some praise Grande’s unapologetic approach, others express a range of opinions. The singer’s candidness is evident in lines like “your business is yours, mine is mine,” drawing both applause and critique from her diverse fanbase.
Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet finalize divorce
Hollywood star Jason Momoa and actress Lisa Bonet have officially resolved their divorce. Court documents from the Superior Court of California confirm the dissolution of their marriage. The couple, seemingly amicable in their split, had worked out the terms beforehand, as indicated by their Marital Settlement Agreement. The ‘Aquaman’ star and ‘The Cosby Show’ alum are now moving forward with their separate lives.

Robert Downey Jr. claims Oscar snubbed his Iron Man performances because of the ‘genre’
Robert Downey Jr., a frontrunner for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in ‘Oppenheimer,’ took a moment to reflect on his career choices. Despite a successful stint as Tony Stark/Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the actor believes his “best work” went somewhat unnoticed by the Academy because of its superhero genre. He said, “believe I did some of the best work I will ever do, but it went a little bit unnoticed because of the genre,” sparking online debates with fans sharing clips of some of their favourite moments from the MCU.

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