Rohit Shetty recently remembered the time when Akshay Kumar performed a daredevil stunt on his own without any body double. The director also spilled the beans on the ‘Khiladi’ star’s fitness secret.
When conversing with comedians Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiya on their podcast, Shetty revealed that the current generation often overlooks the potency of natural food items.He emphasized that Akshay Kumar, known for maintaining his physique, achieves it through simple and regular dietary habits. Shetty noted that Kumar engages in ordinary exercises without relying on weights, opting for activities like climbing an 80-floor building and performing 50 pull-ups. Additionally, Kumar adheres to a disciplined routine, including early meal times.

Highlighting Kumar’s fitness prowess, Shetty recalled a scene from their 2021 film ‘Sooryavanshi‘ where Kumar hung from a helicopter without the aid of a harness. Despite Shetty instructing the pilot to move the helicopter only up and down, with no circular movements, Kumar successfully convinced the pilot to take the helicopter on a full rotation.

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Detailing the incident, Shetty shared that during the shooting of a scene in Bangkok for their film ‘Sooryavanshi’ in 2021, he had instructed the pilot that it was a safety shot and not to rotate the helicopter while Akshay Kumar hung from it without a harness. However, Kumar persuaded the pilot to go against the initial plan, resulting in the helicopter circling with Kumar holding onto it with his hand and bearing his entire body weight. Shetty expressed frustration towards the pilot, who simply pointed at Kumar, indicating that it was at Kumar’s insistence.

The director kept the shot in the final edit of the film and commended Akshay Kumar for his down-to-earth nature. Shetty remarked, “There is no showsha, no powder.”

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