Filmmaker Rohit Shetty recently delved into an emotional episode from his past, shedding light on a tragic incident that left an everlasting mark on his family. Recounting the mishap on the set of the 1980 film ‘Bombay 405 Miles,’ where his father, MB Shetty, served as the action director, Shetty revealed the heart-wrenching details of a stunt gone wrong.

Talking to The Lallantop, Rohit Shetty said that during the shoot of the film starring Shatrughan Sinha, a stunt involving the body double, Mansoor, took a tragic turn. Miscommunication amidst the chaos led to Mansoor’s fatal encounter with a blast meant for a controlled stunt. The incident profoundly affected MB Shetty, who carried the weight of guilt until his demise.

Indian Police Force: Sidharth Malhotra, Vivek Oberoi, Shilpa Shetty & Rohit Shetty express gratitude

Rohit Shetty shared the emotional toll it took on his father, leading to alcoholism and a decline in his professional life. Rohit Shetty said, “He had taken that guilt. Dad had a very good image among workers, even in the fighter’s association, he would work very hard. But he took this incident to heart. He started drinking a lot.” A year after the tragic event, MB Shetty passed away, leaving a family grappling with grief and financial challenges.
The filmmaker drew a parallel to a similar incident during the shooting of ‘Chennai Express’ years later. Despite safety measures, an unforeseen error led to a car catching fire, evoking haunting memories of his father’s past experience. Rohit Shetty emphasized the importance of learning from past mistakes and ensuring stringent safety protocols in subsequent projects.
Reflecting on his mother Ratna’s strong will, Rohit Shetty hailed her as a “fighter” who navigated hardship with unwavering strength. He highlighted her contribution to the film industry as a stunt double for renowned actresses like Hema Malini. Despite financial struggles, Ratna Shetty, along with her children, faced challenges head-on, fostering a mindset of hard work and determination.
On the other hand, Rohit Shetty’s recently released Sidharth Malhotra starrer web series ‘Indian Police Force’ is getting mixed reviews from the viewers.

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