Saif Ali Khan has been admitted to Kokilaben Ambani hospital as the actor underwent a tricep surgery. The surgery went well and the actor will be discharged from the hospital today. However, the actor has finally opened up this surgery extensively in an interview recently. Saif said that his tricep needed to be looked into as he was going through pain since a very long time, sometimes it was less and sometimes more.
The actor opened up in a chat with Zoom and said that he did not really know how serious the injury was, but then while doing an action sequence for ‘Devara’, he got hurt again. The pain had aggravated but then he felt okay and carried on working. Later on the bandwidth of the pain increased and it was hurting if he did anything serious so he got an MRI done.

Saif Ali Khan leaves hospital post elbow surgery

The doctors found that the tricep tendon was torn very badly and was barely holding in place like a rubber band which could just snap at, any moment. So, a surgery was needed but the doctors only realised how bad it was when they opened it up. Saif was advised to not have the surgery immediately, so he finished some talkie portions of shoot for ‘Devara’, went for his vacation and now finally underwent the surgery which was much needed and timely.
The actor revealed that if the surgery was not timely, he would have lost something or the other in his arm. The actor revealed that the doctors were brilliant and made some incisions in the bone and re-attached the tendon with a material that blends into the bone and would heal the arm perfectly. Though, it is not anything serious and he said he would be discharged soon.
Saif also revealed he has to take a month off to completely heal. During this chat, Saif also said that it felt weird to get into the operation theatre while being complete fine, hence, that felt a bit frightening, but the doctors were kind and patient. Saif also thanked all the fans and friends and everyone who have showered him with speedy recovery wishes. He expressed gratitude for having his family, friends and this kind of job in his life.
The actor will be seen next in ‘Devara’ alongside JR NTR and Janhvi Kapoor.

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