Saif Ali Khan, who was recently admitted to a hospital in Mumbai for tricep surgery, recently got discharged. He opened up about his operation and also slammed media outlets for publishing exaggerated reports on his health.
In an interview with Zoom, he mentioned that his tricep had been intermittently aching for a while, with varying levels of intensity.However, he admitted that he didn’t fully comprehend the severity of the injury until undergoing surgery. Explaining the situation, he mentioned that at times, it caused unbearable pain, and he didn’t really know how serious the injury was.

He remembered the tricep getting hurt again while filming action scenes for Koratala Siva’s Telugu movie ‘Devara,’ starring NTR Jr Saif kept working, assuming everything was fine. Later, during a workout, the pain intensified, but eventually, it subsided.

Saif Ali Khan gets discharged post-surgery, visuals of the actor leaving hospital go viral

Noticing an increase in pain and significant discomfort during strenuous activities, Saif opted for an MRI. It was during this examination that they discovered the severe tear in the tricep’s tendon, describing it as barely holding in place, similar to a rubber band that could snap at any moment.
As the doctors didn’t recommend immediate surgery, Saif mentioned that he went on to finish the talkie portion of ‘Devara’ and fulfilled other commitments. He then scheduled the surgery as he had a month off.

It was only during the surgery that both the medical staff and Saif recognized the seriousness of the injury. Describing the procedure, Saif mentioned that when they opened up the arm with a significant cut, it became clear that the surgery was essential. The doctors cleaned it up, removed the fluid, addressed the nerve issue, and skillfully stitched up the tricep. Saif expressed appreciation for the doctors, highlighting their brilliance in making incisions in the bone and re-attaching the tendon with a dissolvable anchor that seamlessly blends into the bone, facilitating a perfect healing process for the arm.
Saif, accompanied by his wife Kareena Kapoor Khan, returned home after the surgery on Tuesday. He is now on a month-long break to focus on his recovery.

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