The Hindi dubbed version of the film added another Rs 2.15 crore to its kitty, thus taking its overall collection to an estimated Rs 397.80 crore, reports The Prashanth Neel directorial managed to achieve this in just 19 days of its release at the domestic box office.
The film made a thunderous debut by raking in a record-breaking Rs 90.7 crore collection on its opening day, surpassing the record held by Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan’. However, after an impressive first week, raking in an estimated Rs 304 crore, the film saw a drop in numbers and has since been struggling to cross the Rs 400 crore mark, especially with the fierce competition from a multitude of releases during the Sankranti/Pongal weekend.
Salaar Movie ReviewWith the film still raking in an estimated Rs 2 crore daily, it is expected to cross the Rs 400 crore mark within the next day or two.
It has been reported that the night shows have been garnering the maximum footfall of an estimated 17.43%. The evening shows, on the other hand, experienced a minimum occupancy of 14.27%.
However, on a global scale, ‘Salaar’ has achieved a significant milestone by crossing the Rs 700 crore mark, as reported by trade analyst Manobala Vijayabalan. In a social media post, he claimed that the film has shot past the Rs 700 crore mark, making Prabhas the only South star to have three Rs 700 crore films to his credit.

Meanwhile, rumours are rife that the makers of Prabhas’ next film ‘Kalki 2898 AD’ are looking to postpone the film’s release in order to allow ‘Salaar’ to complete its box office run on a high. The makers are reportedly eyeing a March release to make sure both films aren’t competing with each other for screens or audiences.

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