Salman Khan recently met a 9-year-old fan, Jaganbir, who beat cancer after 9 rounds of chemotherapy. In 2018, Salman Khan initially met Jaganbir at the Tata Memorial Center in Mumbai, where the 4-year-old was undergoing chemotherapy for his tumor. Salman Khan had made a sincere commitment to meet Jaganbir once his battle with cancer concluded, inspiring him to face the challenge with strength and resilience.
As Jaganbir won over cancer last year, Salman met with him in December 2023 at Salman’s Bandra residence, fulfilling the promise made during the challenging times of Jaganbir’s treatment.In an interview with Indian Express, Sukhbir Kaur, Jaganbir’s mother, disclosed that at the age of 3, Jaganbir experienced vision loss due to a coin-sized tumor in his brain. Confronted with this difficult situation, doctors advised seeking treatment in either Delhi or Mumbai. Concerned about Jagan’s condition, his father, Pushpinder, chose to take him to Mumbai. In his childlike innocence, Jagan held the belief that he was embarking on this journey to meet Salman Khan.

Sukhbir Kaur revealed that, upon seeing Jagan’s excitement, she opted not to reveal the truth. Once Jaganbir was admitted to the hospital, a video expressing his desire to meet Salman was created. The video reached Salman, who generously fulfilled his promise by visiting Jaganbir. Overwhelmed with emotion, Jagan confirmed Salman’s presence by touching his face and bracelet. Sukhbir joyfully shared that her son is now in good health, having regained 99 percent of his eyesight, and he attends school regularly.

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Meanwhile, on the work front, Salman was last seen in ‘Tiger 3’ with Katrina Kaif and Emraan Hashmi in lead roles. The film made some record-breaking collections at the box office.

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