Salman Khan had a big release this Diwali in the form of ‘Tiger 3’. The stakes on this one were high as it is the third installment of the popular ‘Tiger’ franchise and the third time that Salman was reprising his role. Fans were also expecting more as Salman and Katrina Kaif reunited again. The film was loved by fans and also garnered a great response at the box office.
Reacting to a the film’s success, Khan says, “I have immense pride in being an action hero and I’m fortunate that people have loved me in this avatar in so many films.It feels great to taste success again and again with this genre because it is not an easy genre of cinema to please people with. You have to constantly reinvent and give audiences something new that they haven’t seen with each action film.”
He further added, “this appreciation feels like a hattrick of success for me. The success of these films is also very personal to me.”
Tiger 3 has garnered Rs 188 crore nett in India and touched 300 crore gross worldwide in just five days. The film also stars Emraan Khan who got appreciated for his baddie act. It was a treat for his fans to see him on-screen after a while and in such a different avatar.
Salman was seen as Tiger in a cameo in ‘Pathaan’ and ‘Tiger 3’ sees a cameo from Shah Rukh Khan. Meanwhile, Katrina Kaif is also quite elated with the response to the film. She revealed in an interview recently that her father-in-law Sham Kaushal who is one of the biggest action directors in the country, told her that he felt proud after seeing her do action in the film. That was the biggest compliment for Katrina.

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