Sayani Gupta, who worked with Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Fan‘, recently opened up about the superstar’s success streak at the box office this year. She also revealed that she was offered Atlee’s ‘Jawan‘.
In an interview with News18, Sayani said that she recently saw the trailer of ‘Dunki‘, and it looked fabulous. According to her, it looked like Rajkumar Hirani’s world in SRK’s world, and SRK’s world merging with Rajkumar Hirani’s world.She added that it’s going to be fabulous, and it’s going to be beautiful.

Talking about Shah Rukh, she further added that she has spent a lot of time on set, with him telling her so many stories, funny ones. According to her, he is always full of these funny trivia from his own life. Sayani also shared that she genuinely loved ‘Pathaan‘. It felt like a festive day. She recalled going to the first show on the first day, and it was brilliant. And they had a great time.

THIS throwback video of ‘Tiger’ Salman Khan and ‘Pathaan’ Shah Rukh Khan singing together is the best thing you will see on the internet today

Sayani also revealed that she was actually offered Atlee’s ‘Jawan’. However, the actress added that she couldn’t do it for some reason. The actress added that she is hoping something else comes up soon.

Spilling some beans about the stories that excite her, Sayani said that the ones with a solid character really excites her. She looks for something spunky or a character which has a lot of either action or performance or maybe dance. She also revealed that she is skipping most stories these days. She is saying no to everything and is waiting for something that really gets me going.

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