Stories of Reinvention and the Joy of Prioritizing Yourself


Invest in Yourself for a Fulfilling Life: Here is an aspect of elderly person wisdom;

Li Anhua, a woman from China, had always been too prudent to bring up children from her own heart and devoted all her life to bringing up her family. She therefore came to the rudest of shocks when they compelled her to retire from the job, only to find that she had not taken care of herself.

In a bid to prove herself, Li changed her home as well as learned new skills, and went on a journey. All these changes that she underwent made her happy because she finally gave herself a chance to care for her own health.

Similar stories emerge. A friend once bravely opted for children to go to school, knowing that she had a good pension to take care of her. Being fragile and threatened by health problems, she realized the need for autobuilding.

For example, another woman, named Shen Jin’e also lost money for her family but encountered some issues later.

These stories I have presented stress the need to work towards a positive healthy state in later years. Seniors should:

Seek medical attention promptly.

Build friendships outside of family.

Express emotions openly.

Treat themselves without guilt.

The message is clear: self-education and self-improvement should always be continuous in a person’s life. Therefore, through exercising and enrichment, one can become a source of joy to everyone you care about.

Thank you for reading!

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