Shah Rukh Khan just had his third release of the year after the huge success of Pathaan and Jawan. Both these movies have individually entered the Rs 1000 crore club at the worldwide box office. Meanwhile, Dunki is off to a good start despite being a non-holiday release.
Shah Rukh who is usually seen avoiding the paparazzi was seen making an appearance at Anand Pandit‘s birthday bash.The actor looked quite dapper in a black suit as he even posed with Pandit. He even posed for the paps which is rare. This was his first appearance after the release of Dunki and he was told by the paps that they loved the movie. He reacted with a big smile.
When the actor was leaving the party, another paparazzo praised Dunki and he responded by saying ‘Thank You’.
This Rajkumar Hirani directorial saw an occupancy of 26 percent on the opening day and made around Rs 30 crore in all languages which is decent for a non-holiday movie. Post pandemic, big actioners are drawing people to the theatres and Dunki is a social comedy. Hence, this is considered a decent start.
Meanwhile, Prabhas starrer Salaar Part 1:Ceasefire is releasing today and will pose as a competition to Dunki.

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