Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan hit a career-high in 2023 with his films raking in over Rs 2300 crore at the Indian box office. The actor scored two back-to-back mega-blockbusters with the release of Jawan and Pathaan. He continued the winning streak with Dunki, which is still playing in theatres.
With awards season underway, the actor received an award for his work and his tremendous success at the box office. In an emotionally charged 10-minute-long speech, the actor touched upon the various happenings of the past year, including his personal family struggles.
Khan candidly discussed his struggles, setbacks, and subsequent resurgence. He expressed his desire to make a bold statement, emphasizing that he not only perceives himself as the Indian of the Year for 2023 but asserts that he has perennially held and will continue to hold the title.Taking a dig at haters, Shah Rukh said that while he’d like to make a “daring statement”, he said, “I’ve meticulously crafted my speech, subjecting it to scrutiny three to four times to ensure it avoids any foolish or incorrect remarks that might draw criticism.”
Nevertheless, on feeling ‘compelled to share something quite audacious’, he seized the opportunity to make a bold statement about his enduring association with the title ‘Indian of the Year’.
With visible emotion, Shah Rukh declared, “I’d like to say something brash… I don’t just feel like the Indian of the Year for 2023; I feel I’ve been the Indian of all the years gone by, and I will be Indian for all the years to come. I am actually, ladies and gentlemen, the Indian for all ages.”

Acknowledging the significance of the award and the collective support of his fans, Khan extended his thanks to the audience, and humbly recognized the diverse reactions to his films, assuring the audience that their presence alone was a source of encouragement for him and his family.
“I’d like to thank everyone here and people who are watching this on television, hoards of you who came this year to watch my films, some of you may not have liked them, but I know deep down inside, you came there to support me, and my family, so I bow down to you and thank you for bringing cheer to my family, my children, my loved ones, and I thank you for making me the star I am yet again,” Khan added, concluding his gracious acknowledgement.
Meanwhile, rumours are rife that the makers of Shah Rukh’s ‘Dunki’ are planning on sending the film for the upcoming Oscars. Reports suggest that these rumours may just be far from the truth as the deadline for submissions ended a while back with the Academy set to announce their list of nominees in the days ahead.

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