Shah Rukh Khan has been a very busy man in 2023, the man has released three big ticket films in Pathaan, Jawan and Dunki. Pathaan and Jawan have gone on to become all time blockbusters, while Dunki is just one day old, the jury is still out for its verdict. And with no movie officially announced, one wonders when will Shah Rukh Khan be back on the big screen and none other than King Khan himself has shared details about his next.

‘Dunki’: Public Review of Shah Rukh Khan, Taapsee Pannu and Vicky Kaushal’s movie

In an interview with MBC during his visit to Dubai recently, the actor revealed that his next project will go on floors by March or April of 2024.He also stated that it is going to be a very age appropriate role. During the interview he said that he’s been wanting to do films that feel more age appropriate where he can still play the lead and be the star.
He didn’t share which film this is , but it is reported that his next film is going to be directed by Sujoy Ghosh and will feature his daughter Suhana Khan in the lead. The film is said to be backed by SRK and Siddharth Anand of Pathaan and War fame. The film is expected to be a sleek actioner with a very emotionally charged narrative.

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