Shah Rukh Khan was honoured as ‘The Indian of the Year’ at a recent event. However, what has caught everyone’s attention are his comments at the event that have raised eyebrows. The comment has sparked speculations about whether it was a dig at the director Sandeep Reddy Vanga‘s controversial blockbuster, “Animal.” SRK, who is known for predominantly portraying positive roles, expressed his approach to negative characters, suggesting that if he were to play a villain, the character would meet a dire fate akin to “dying a dog’s death.”.
In response to the criticism surrounding “Animal” for its perceived glorification of morally objectionable behaviour, Shah Rukh Khan stated, “I should play honest roles that give people courage to dream. I should keep working hard quietly with the hope that life doesn’t topple my apple cart anytime soon.” The comment has sparked speculation about whether it was a subtle dig at the Ranbir Kapoor-starrer, known for its controversial themes.
Meanwhile, ‘Animal’, which surpassed Rs 900 crore worldwide, faced accusations of misogyny and glorification of violence, prompting veteran writer Javed Akhtar to criticise it at the 9th Ajanta-Ellora International Film Festival. In response, the social media handle of “Animal” defended the film, engaging in a heated exchange with Javed Akhtar and challenging the interpretation of the film’s themes.

Shah Rukh Khan hides his face to avoid public attention, seeks blessings at Mata Vaishno Devi ahead of ‘Dunki’ release

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