“I was pleasantly surprised at how much chemistry we had,” she said.

After they each spent a rainy New Year’s Eve with friends the next evening, she stopped by his new apartment in Hancock Park to celebrate with Champagne. They soon began dating exclusively.

“How much time would you like to spend together?” she asked a few weeks later. His reply: “As much as possible,” to which she said, “How about every night?”

So they broke their leases and moved into a three-bedroom apartment in West Hollywood together in late April.

“It made our relationship better and stronger,” he said.

On Dec. 1, 2023, he proposed at Dante, an Italian Mediterranean restaurant with a view of the Hollywood Hills.

“December, it’s the most romantic month,” he said, so nervous that he then forgot to ask, “Will you marry me?” But she got the message after he pulled out a ring and said yes.

On Jan. 6, Lucy Rimalower, the groom’s sister, who became a Universal Life minister for the occasion, officiated before 32 guests at A.O.C., a restaurant in Los Angeles, where the groom stepped on a glass in keeping with the Jewish tradition. The bride, who is taking the groom’s name, had placed her maternal great-grandmother’s gold flower pearl pin onto the ribbon of her wedding bouquet.

“Sustaining a marriage takes work and compromise,” he said over the phone during their honeymoon in Punta Mita, Mexico, as a coati with a long, striped tail tried to enter their suite through the sliding glass terrace door. “We are fundamentally on the same page.”

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