The celebs make it easy for people to believe in the conspiracy theories.


This article is purely satire

The Illuminati in 2024 is a great big somebody somewhere out there who controls the entertainment industry. Those who join will receive a boost to their career but they must pay homage. Sheryl Lee Ralph has been acting since the 1970s on stage, television, and the big screen but was not necessarily a household name.

Ralph has been in the business and always working over the decades. For the past few years, however, she seems to be everywhere out of nowhere and conspiracy theorists say it’s because of the alleged secret society. Again this is satire to show how this works.

Ralph’s star has been visibly rising

In 2021, Ralph joined the cast of Abbott Elementary, portraying veteran elementary school teacher Barbara Howard. The show was an instant hit and Ralph won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. This made her the second African American actress to win in the category after Jackée Harry, who won in 1987 for 227.

In October 2022, Ralph was presented with the Order of Jamaica by the governor-general for her contribution to the national film industry’ In 2023 she won the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

The red, black, and white of it

That same year Ralph performed “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, also known as the Black national anthem, at the Super Bowl LVII pre-show. It was noted by those who are esoteric that the actress was wearing bright red and black and her background signers were in white.

This color scheme has been invading the entertainment industry since the 2015 Grammy Awards. Alicia Keys was in bright red at the 2024 Superbowl during the half-time show and Rhianna was dressed the same way at last year’s big event.

Sheryl Lee Ralph 2023

Conspiracy or reality?

Ralph’s star continues to rise as she appeared on various talk shows and later in 2023, she became the first celebrity and the first Black person to play Mrs. Claus in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade’s history. Ralph adorning the red-black- and white color scheme again during the 2024 Super Bowl half-time show has raised eyebrows.

Why are so many entertainers only using these colors at public events? There are many hues to choose from yet these dominate and the question continues to be why? No one talks about it or questions it in public but in private and on various YouTube channels there is much chatter.

Do entertainers own clothing in other colors these days?

Does Ms. Ralph not have any other colors in her own personal wardrobe or is someone coordinating these events and telling people what they must wear? There was a time when most women would not wear the same thing twice so why would a a wealthy celeb use the same color scheme at the same event 2 years in a row unless he or she was required?

This is the thinking of conspiracy theorists so based on that logic Sheryl Lee Ralph’s awards, her role on Abbott Elementary, and her two years singing at the pre-game show are because she joined the club so her star would rise. She is sporting the colors that let those in the know realize she is a part of the organization that caused her fame to shift. This is the line of thinking regarding many celebrities today.

Maybe-maybe not

The red carpets used to be filled with unique outfits in a variety of hues but no more. When you look at those seated at the Grammys, the Emmys, and other awards shows the black, red, and white dominate and it’s not a pretty look.

Some would say all of thsi is utter nonsense while others will consider thsi satire to be absolute truth. I have used Sheryl Lee Ralph as an example of why people believe as they do. Even if there is no Illuminati everyone can agree that the 3 colors continue to rule celebrities who should have multiple outfits with many different hues in their closets.

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