Exciting news in the entertainment world! A reliable source from JTBC Enter News has revealed that Shin Hye-sun is likely to take on the lead role in the upcoming drama called ‘To My Harry.’

Well, ‘To My Harry’ follows the life of a main character who goes through a tough time. Because of the sadness from losing a sibling and breaking up with a long-time boyfriend, the protagonist develops something called dissociative personality disorder. It’s like having different sides to your personality. In this drama, Shin Hye-sun will play the character Joo Eun-ho, who works as an announcer.
Shin Hye-sun is already making waves in the entertainment world with her current role in JTBC’s weekend drama ‘Welcome to Samdal-ri,’ which is almost done. People are curious to see how she will tackle the challenge of portraying someone with dissociative personality disorder and how she will transform into an announcer for ‘To My Harry.’

The person behind the script for this new drama is Han Ga-ram, known for writing JTBC Drama Festa’s ‘Han Yeo Reum’s Memory’ and ‘When the Weather Is Fine.’ The production is in the hands of Studio HIM, the team behind the drama ‘Kkondae Intern’ and the ‘To My Star’ series. As of now, we’re still waiting to hear about when the drama will hit our screens.

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